Madden NFL 09 by Electronic Arts Video Game Review

Madden NFL 09 by Electronic Arts is one of the best football games to date. This game is fun both for football video game veterans and all you beginners and first-timers out there. A revolutionary Adaptive Difficulty Engine makes this all possible. This engine assesses how good you perform during matches and adjusts the difficulty level (with your permission) to give you a fun yet challenging experience.Likewise you can train yourself and learn from your past mistakes using the game’s holographic training center. Yes, you will be able to see your characters moving, and the game will tell you what you did wrong, and how you can correct your mistake. Now that is something truly new to the sports video game genre.¬†¬†Aside from being a good game to learn the basics of football with, this game is also fun to play for experts in the sport. The online video game feature allows you to compete in online leagues with up to 31 the best gamers out there per league. Rise up to the top of the rankings, or fade away to the bottom. The choice is yours.The game also looks better than ever on the new generation of gaming consoles. More realistic character features and football stadium designs make this game both a joy to play and to watch. The cheering of the crowds and the changing of the weather are also rendered beautifully and realistically.If you are searching for a football game that trains you to play, lets you show off your expert skills, and gives you a spectacular visual experience, you’re search is over. Buy your copy of Madden NFL 09 by Electronic Arts now.